Mission, Vision & Goals

To encourage a strong local economy and quality of life by promoting sound government and an informed membership & community.

As the Chamber of Choice we will serve businesses both traditional and non-traditional in new and innovative ways. Through creative partnerships, we will provide new opportunities for our diverse membership. The growth and success of our members will be the measure of our level of excellence!


Goal 1 Celebrate / Highway Beautification / Pride.

  • Enhance community pride.
  • Celebration who we are in the High Desert.
  • Beautify and create more interest to growth in the High Desert region.

Goal 2 Create Young Professionals Group

  • Create Young Professionals / Academy. 
  • Create partnerships.
  • Educate Millennial's and YP's on Chamber relevance.

Goal 3 Membership Engagement & Retention: Targeting Regional Members

  • Continue to educate community that the Victor Valley Chamber is a regional chamber. 
  • Expand memberships efforts in surrounding communities.
  • Add value to our membership benefits.